Little Brampton Wines

are a boutique, family owned wine business run by Clare grapegrower and wine producer Pamela Schwarz. Established in 2000 and based at the heart of the Clare Valley in South Australia, we produce 3 premium varietals, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, and a modern style Rosé.

The 10 hectare vineyard is nestled on a west-facing slope 520m above sea level, the elevation allowing a gradual ripening process and low yields producing intensely flavoured fruit. Our wines capture the essence of the season and reflect the vineyard characters.

Visit our Restaurant Partners to find the nearest Little Brampton outlet or download the order form and buy direct from us. We trust that you will enjoy the experience of drinking our unique Little Brampton wines.

Little Brampton scenes

"Drink in moderation ... frequently!"